Exhaust Manifolds Systems

SBHT_Exhaust_Manifold_SysChevy_W_HighTorque_BBManiIMG_0684The Stainless Marine Hi-Torque Exhaust Manifolds are the most sophisticated on the market. Unlike the run-of-the-mill cast aluminum manifolds, the Hi-Torque is a hybrid, utilizing a casting where it is needed and metal fabrication where desirable. The runner portion of the manifold is casted in A356 aluminum, due to being the best casting non-corrosive alloy in strength vs. corrosion testing. The cooling jackets are draw-formed of 5052 aluminum at zero temper, proven to be the best alloy of noncorrosive cold-formable aluminum sheeting. Before assembly, the inner cast runner portion of the manifolds are inspected and assembled with the half-shell cooling jackets and water fittings in a fixture, and tack welded together. The manifold jackets are then welded together around the seams, so that the entire assembly cools down together, minimizing stress. It is then machined, pneumatically tested and chemically treated before sent to powder coating. Our manifolds are designed with two and one half to three times the thickness as the cooling jacket and we were the first company to build a manifold with a dry joint between the manifold and riser utilizing a v-band clamp method. We have been using this method for more than 27 years and in all this time we have not seen an internal failure on any of our manifolds. Our manufacturing process allows us to offer an industry leading 5 year limited warranty, unsurpassed in the industry.