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Boat Engine Parts Experts Know It Is Crucial to Stay Cool When On the Open Water

Your Boat Engine Parts Specialists Help You to Stay Safe In the Heat

Stainless Marine your boat engine parts professionals would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to stay cool when on the open water.

As I ran down the bay with my family last evening, the temperature dropped noticeably as we approached the inlet. The tide was flooding, and cool tendrils of ocean water flowed into the bay dropping the local air temperature. 

Your boat engine parts experts know that boating is one of the favorite ways to beat the heat. But sometimes, the weather is just so hot and still that even the relief found aboard the boat needs a little help. 

Splash The Deck

Your boat replacement parts professionals know that water evaporating provides a cooling effect. Use the washdown hose, or a bucket, and splash down your fiberglass or wood cockpit sole.( If your boat’s sole is covered in glued-down carpet this tip may not be for you) 

Install Hatches Hinges Aft

Deck hatches, or those in hardtops, are best installed so that they are hinged aft. This way, while anchored, any breeze will flow into the boat when the hatches are open.


Drink lots of water. Its what your body needs to cool down when the heat is up.

Cover Hatches and Ports

Your boat parts for less specialists understand that a dark cabin is a cooler cabin. While you can have custom hatch and port covers sewn by a canvas fabricator, simply draping towels ( a tarp, silver side up over all, would be the ticket in the desert or equatorial tropics) secured by lines or weights will reduce the solar gain and keep the cabin cooler.


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever –Jaques Yves Cousteau

Your Boat Engine Parts Analysts Have Awesome Cooling Tips for You While Aboard Your Boat

You can find more information as well as get assistance on performance marine parts and on how to stay cool when on the open water at Stainless Marine.

“Builders should locate equipment so that service valves and electrical components are accessible and dry,” Kitchell says. “Salt water can destroy a condensing unit.”

Kitchell and your performance marine parts specialists also recommend that owners and captains understand where the water on their boats is coming from and going to. 

Kitchell and your boat parts online specialists warn against having both gravity-fed and pressurized lines feeding the same common drain. Electronic air-conditioning controls can also cause problems, particularly when kids or folks who need glasses are involved.

In a perfect world, Kitchell starts with a clean sheet of paper. His first challenge is choosing the right system for the boat. Direct expansion air-conditioning systems that use refrigerant typically make sense for boats measuring under 65 feet.

“If I designed a chilled-water system with ten thermostatically controlled zones, I would likely use two chillers, each capable of operating most of the system independently,” says Kitchell. A ten-zone direct-expansion system would require ten condensing units (one for each zone) with no redundancy.

He also recommends having a professional flush the raw-water plumbing and heat-exchanger coils once a season with a diluted acid solution. Any sea chests or common drains should be inspected for fouling as well. 

So don’t forget these vital pointers to stay cool when out on the boat with your family and friends. 1) Splash the deck because evaporating has a cooling effect;  2) Drink lots of water. Its what your body needs to cool down when the heat is up;  and 3) air-conditioning systems can be very helpful.

Stainless Marine always has more information on boat engine parts, performance marine parts, boat parts and accessories, and how to stay cool when out on the boat with your family and friends. 

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