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Boat Parts and Accessories Specialists Share Vessel Inspection Safety Tips

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Your Boat Parts and Accessories Analysts Prepare You For the Vessel Safety Check 

Stainless Marine your boat parts and accessories experts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding vessel inspection safety tips.

Your boat parts and accessories professionals know that it’s too easy for me to have a Vessel Safety Check (VSC) inspection conducted aboard my boat,Breakaway. Barbara Bedell, a certified United States Coast Guard Auxiliary VSC Vessel Examiner, lives in the house right beside my dock.

Having grown up aboard boats bearing the sticker, I never question the need for a VSC. And, like most boaters, at least part of my motivation for participating is the belief that displaying the sticker one is awarded for having passed the inspection makes it less likely that my boat will be boarded for routine inspection by the Coast Guard, harbormaster, marine patrol or other law enforcement entity. 

Not to brag, but I have been at this boating game a while, and pretty much know what I need to know. Not to mention the fact that, as Editor-In-Chief of Boating, I need to read, talk, write and practice boating safety on a daily basis in the normal course of doing my job. 

Oh, I have all the required equipment. My flares are not expired and my horn toots a blaring volume. No, what Breakaway’s safety complement lacked was a commitment on yours truly’s part to make sure that as my boating habits changed, so did the way I installed certain equipment. 

Vessel Safety Checks are free. Have you ever noticed the decals on the side of a mast that identify a USCG Auxiliary inspected vessel? Have you ever wondered what that was about and if you should get one? The simple answer is yes, you should, for two reasons.

Go to http://www.stainlessmarine.com/about-us/ and see how you can find more information as well as get assistance on boat parts and accessories and on vessel inspection safety tips at Stainless Marine.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary offers free courtesy inspections to boaters who wish to ensure that their boat and equipment meets all federal and state safety requirements. The vessel examiners who perform these examinations are specially trained and informed on the latest legal requirements, but they have no legal authority.  

These inspections are intended to be an educational experience. The vessel examiners check that all required safety items are onboard and in good working order. 

To find out when inspections are scheduled for your area, contact the Department of Information and Communication Services via e-mail at webmaster@cgaux.org or call Coast Guard Customer Infoline at 1-800-368-5647. If you have a group interested in organizing a local inspection, you may be able to arrange for a special appointment. The website shared by the USCG Auxiliary and the US Power Squadron is a good one for preparing yourself and your vessel for an inspection. 

So don’t forget these reminders on vessel safety inspections. 1) Never question the need for a VSC;  2) having passed the VSC and receiving the sticker lowers your chances of random Coast Guard inspections;  and 3) these VSCs are educational experiences for you.

Check us out and see how Stainless Marine always has more information on boat parts and accessories and on vessel inspection safety tips.

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