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Boat Parts Online Experts Share Secrets to Make Big Money While Boating

boat parts online

Your Boat Parts Online Specialists Help You Combine Two Great Thrills – Boating and Making Money!

Stainless Marine your boat parts online analysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding 5 secrets to make big money while boating.

Your boat parts online professionals know that now that I’ve been living on our sailboat in the Mediterranean full time for the last year I’ve met a variety of people doing an assortment of things to make money (and find ways to minimize the amount of money that’s spent).

The cost of food, boat repairs/maintenance, living expenses vary greatly depending on where you are and how you do things. For example, in Thailand you can have your teak deck replaced or repaired at a fraction of the cost of what it costs in Europe.

Once you start sailing around for a bit, you’ll learn where to do your shopping, what country to sort out your VAT bill, what marina to hit for out-of-water jobs, and how to find people that will do a great job on boat labor for an inexpensive price.

This article is how to generate an income while enjoying the live-aboard lifestyle, so let me get into the money-making information.

Before I list all the ways you can sail around the world (or the Med or wherever you live) let me give you an indication of the type of boaters I’ve met. 

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Your boat parts online experts know that the low-income sailors tend to do everything themselves (and I mean everything from sailing to maintenance to repairs), always anchor and often eat canned meat, fish they’ve caught and anything found on the clearance section of the supermarket. 

And then there’s us folk in the middle

We’re not necessarily on a low budget; rather we have a bit of savings to help us out for a while. And perhaps we have an income through pensions, rental income or investments but the cash flow isn’t always guaranteed OR it’s not necessarily enough to keep us feeling secure for the long term.

For me, personally, I have a bit of money in the bank and some pensions that won’t come into effect for another 15 to 20 years.

I’d rather not have to watch the pennies – I’d rather have a way to generate and build up a variety of cash flow sources. A little bit of money from a lot of sources sounds like a good plan to me.

How to make money while sailing around the world…

1. Work for six months and then sail for six months

Now that I know about this option I wish I knew about it before we left for our world adventure! I had no idea that people worked during the winter months and then took six months off to sail around the Med or Caribbean.

I also met a guy that has three other friends who are all sailing around the world season by season. They work during the winter and then they sail as far as they can get every summer.

2. Find a work-from-‘home’ job

The work-from-home trend is still on the increase and I imagine it will exponentially increase. More and more companies see the value in having employee’s work from home. There are a couple of people in the marina, that I’m in now, that appear to work from home but they’re really working from their boat.

3. Consultancy – on land

If you have the skills to do consultancy – perhaps a past record of success in a particular field – you can potentially pimp yourself out (infrequently) to do some consultancy projects.

There is a woman eight boats down from me that jets up to England every few months, does some consultancy work, earns a bit of cash and then flies back to the boat to enjoy the live-aboard community. 

4. Consultancy – on the sea

Again, if you have a set of skills that do allow for consultancy, the possibility exists to set up an online consultancy service. There’s a photographer in Greece I stumbled upon that teaches other photographers how to make money online.

5. On-line project based work

If you can write, edit, design, program, transcribe, research, and any other work that can be done online, you can find thousands of opportunities on the Net. 

A great online work opportunity for designers is Design Crowd. A ‘client’ posts an outline of what they want. You can decide to create a design and if you ‘win’ the project you get the money on offer.

So don’t forget these helpful pointers to make big money while boating. 1) Work for six months and then sail for six months;  2) Find a work-from-‘home’ job;  3) Consultancy – on land;  4) Consultancy – on the sea;  and 5) on-line project based work.

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