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High Performance Marine Parts Professionals Help You Make the Right Choice For Your Next Wakeboard


Your High Performance Marine Parts Specialists Shows You How to Notice the Difference

Stainless Marine your high performance marine parts analysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to make the right choice for your next wakesurf board.

Unlike wakeboarding, where bindings must fit each individual rider, your crew can readily share wakesurf boards, or just plain “wakesurfers.” Yet there are differences you should be aware of before you splurge. 


These wakesurfers boast multiple larger surf-style fins and a thicker ­construction, which makes them more buoyant. The high buoyancy makes surf-style wakesurfers a great choice for larger, heavier riders and some beginners. 


As in wakeboarding, rocker is the curve profile of the board, which is a big factor in how fast the board rides. Boards with more exaggerated rocker lines push more water, resulting in a slower ride, but they tend to maneuver easily. 


Your high performance marine engine parts analysts know that in surfing terminology, rails are the edges of the board; their shape determines how a board will track and turn on the wave. Sharper rails are more responsive and turn more quickly, while rounded rails have a more relaxed feel and turn more slowly.

Board Length

Big Wakesurf Boards (5′ and up): Bigger wakesurf boards have more surface area, are more buoyant in the water, and generate speed easier. This makes them a great option for bigger riders and riders who are riding behind a smaller wake.

Ronix Koal Technora Thruster (5’1″ and 5’7″) – From beginners to advanced riders, everyone can have fun on this playful and buoyant shape. 

Liquid Force Happy Pill (4’5″ 4’10” and 5’2″) – The Liquid Force Happy Pill is a shorter board but features a ton of surface area that helps it ride like a longboard. 

Small Wakesurf Boards (5′ and under): Smaller wakesurf boards are great for advanced riders and lightweight riders. These smaller boards are easier to maneuver and air out of the wave, making them the board of choice for most advanced riders. 

Ronix Koal Powertail Wakesurf Board (4’5″) – The Koal Powertail is one of the most fun boards we’ve ever ridden.

Liquid Force Primo Wakesurf Board (4’5 and 4’9″) – Tommy Czeschin and Liquid Force have worked together to create some of the best skim boards in the game. Their newest creation… the Primo surf-skim hybrid.

Skim, Surf, Or Hybrid Shape?

Your performance marine engines professionals agree that most wakesurf boards come in one of three different shape styles: Skim, Surf, and Hybrid.

Surf Style boards are similar to their ocean counterpart. We recommend surf style boards for beginners or those looking for a mellow cruiser.

Hybrid Style boards are a blend between the two most popular shapes: surf and skim. Your outboard engine brackets specialists know that the goal of the hybrid shape is to offer the playfulness of a skim style board with the feel and responsiveness that a surf style board offers.

Your High Performance Marine Parts Experts Discuss How Wakesurf Boards Are Great for Beginners

You can find more information as well as get assistance on outboard engine brackets and on how to make the right choice when buying your next wakeboard.

Compression Molded wakesurf boards are built using the same construction as a wakeboard. This makes them a great option for beginners because they are more durable than surf constructed boards. 

Epoxy Fiberglass/Surfboard Construction boards are made from a foam core and covered in a layered glass. This makes the boards lightweight, but they are also much more fragile than compression molded wakesurf boards. 

Rocker Lines 

Rocker lines play a big role in how a wakesurf board rides behind the boat. In general, boards with less rocker ride smoother and faster on the water and boards with more rocker are a bit slower but they work better for steeper waves.

Ropes & Handles

This is often overlooked but a wakesurf specific rope and handle is a must-have for safety reasons. Your marine performance products experts know that the wakesurf specific rope and handles are typically around 25 feet in length and feature smaller handles that prevent your arms, legs, or neck from getting caught in the rope.

Boat Speed

Finding the right speed is essential to creating a surf wake that has enough push to propel the rider and allow them to drop the rope. The sweet spot for your boat’s speed while wakesurfing will be somewhere between 9-12 MPH. 

Wakesurfing Safety

The first rule of wakesurfing is to never surf behind an outboard or inboard/outboard (I/O) boat. To safely and properly wakesurf you will need an inboard boat. Inboard boats have the propeller tucked under the boat and in front of the rudder.

Previously mentioned, the second rule of wakesurfing is to always use a surf specific handle. 

Another thing to be aware of is Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning. It’s a common concern while boating, so you need to be aware of the risks and symptoms associated with CO poisoning. 

So don’t forget these helpful pointers when buying your next wakeboard. 1) Keep in mind what length of board you want or need;  2) do you want a skim, surf, or hybrid shape;  and 3) which board will keep you safe?

Stainless Marine has more information on high performance marine parts, outboard engine brackets, marine performance parts, and on how to make the right choice when buying your next wakeboard.

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