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Marine Performance Parts Dynamo Helps Equip You For Your Next Bowfishing Trip

Your Marine Performance Parts Experts Say’s “Don’t Choose Just Any Bow” 

Stainless Marine your marine performance parts specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding being properly equipped for your next bowfishing trip.

Your marine performance parts professionals feel that the tech person at the Bass Pro Shops archery counter pointed me to a rack of bowfishing bows all rigged and ready to shoot with reel, line, arrow and sights. This, of course, is the Bass Pro Shops way. The bows started in the $300 price range.

“You can start slapping things on any old bow you like, and it will work fine,” the tech said, “But if you get into it, you’ll be spending some money.”

By the time a competitive archer has rigged his perfect fisher, he could easily have more than $700 in it, or more. No wonder John Paul launched his own archery company by buying Oneida.

•The bow is a system of limbs and pulleys that relieves the archer’s arms of half the draw weight of the bow. At the ideal 45 pounds, at full draw, the archer may only have to hold 22 pounds. Heavier draw weights simply break arrows.

•While hunting bows have sights, sighting along the arrow is plenty accurate for fishing’s close range. But many tournament winners add sights anyway.

•Some reels are push-button versions to release the line in preparation for the shot. We kept our reels open. If you forget to push the button, the line will snap and the arrow is lost.

•The arrow is solid fiberglass for the strength and momentum needed to penetrate water and the tough scales of fish. The point screws in, locking the barbs in place. Sometimes the point and barb need to be removed to get the fish off the arrow.

Despite over 20 years of bowhunting experience, I still hadn’t ever taken to the water with my bow. I’d seen countless bowfishing programs, read about shooting carp with a bow and talked often about going bowfishing “someday.”

First on the “to-do” list: purchase a fishing license. Most states require just an ordinary fishing license to bow fish. In many states you’ll find year-round opportunities for shooting rough fish, and often many other types of fish legally allowed to be shot with a bow.

Choose what you’re comfortable with: either a compound or recurve, with a draw weight anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds. Quick, repetitive shooting is the norm, with the majority of shots less than 10 feet, eliminating the need for higher draw weights which only lead to shooter fatigue.

The AMS Retriever reel and arrow Safety Slides we used guarantee smooth, tangle-free shooting and easy retrieves, and afforded piece of mind to this bowfishing beginner! 

No sights are required.  Instinctive shooting works best for the close and quick shooting encountered. There’s no time for aligning a sight pin on your target; wait a second too long and that fish will be gone.

Adjustments need to be made in your aiming point because of the water’s refraction. Generally, you’ll shoot approximately six inches under your target, or at the belly of a big fish, to hit it squarely.

Your marine performance parts analysts know that a heavy and durable fiberglass bowfishing arrow (no vanes or eathers needed, they only interfere with the equipment) rigged with an arrow-slide for safety, connects the Dacron fishing line from bow to arrow.

Go to http://www.stainlessmarine.com/product-category/diesel-exhaust-risers-elbows/ and see how you can find more information as well as get assistance on marine performance parts and on preparing well for your next bowfishing trip at Stainless Marine.

For day fishing, suntan lotion, hat and polarized sunglasses are a must. At night, all you’ll need is bug spray or a lightweight shirt to protect yourself from flying insects.

Any shallow, flat bottom boat works well; other alternatives are shooting from shore or wading slowly in flooded areas or shallows. A trolling motor is helpful for maneuvering through the shallows, but a friend can paddle you into position just as well.

Strong lanterns or flashlights are needed for night fishing, with mounted Halogen lighting the brightest and best choice. Raised platforms make sightings and shooting easier, but certainly aren’t necessary.

Once your gear is assembled, you’re ready to hit the water! We began our bowfishing at night, launching the well-equipped AMS Bowfishing boat at 9 p.m. 

We trolled along the cattail edges searching for “rattlin’ reeds” – cattail reeds that quivered and shook from the carp that swam among them. I spotted a fin slice the water’s surface and quickly drew, released and connected!

Absorbed in the non-stop action and fun of bowfishing, we lost all track of time, only glancing at our watches hours later when the wind kicked up again. We called it quits at 2 a.m., anxious to rest up for some daytime action.

Cloud cover was thick when we launched the following morning, making sightings difficult. Making our efforts harder still was the fact that the hot spawning period was nearly over for the year.

One fact remained: Bowfishing was much easier to prepare for and learn than I’d ever imagined. I only wished I’d tried it sooner. A combination of simple equipment setups, easy shooting and an abundance of rough fish across the United States make for some unequaled off-season bow action.

So don’t forget these helpful pointers on how to be properly equipped for your next bowfishing trip. 1) Test out bows before purchasing, don’t just choose the most expensive;  2) get the needed practice in;  and 3) start with the small fish before you go after the big ones.

Click on and see how Stainless Marine has more information on marine performance parts and on how to be fully prepared for your next bowfishing trip.

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