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Marine Performance Parts Professionals Shows How to Choose the Best Underwater Lights

Your Marine Performance Parts Professionals Specialists Knows that Ever-Changing Technology Can Make Purchasing Decisions Difficult

Stainless Marine your marine performance parts specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to make the best selection when buying underwater lights.

Your marine performance parts experts know that ever-changing technology in the lighting field has resulted in a new generation of fish-attracting lights in both portable and in-hull versions.

Quality fishing lights do four distinct things: draw, illuminate, entertain and produce. With the first, the brightness permeating dark waters acts as visual chum. That is, the lights attract the food chain, from baitfish on up to predators, luring them with forage species and brightness. Lights also illuminate a large area, if not the entire space, around a boat..

For in-hull fishing lights, LED technology now provides low-amperage and ultra-durable products that can withstand the pounding and abuse of rough seas. Unlike halogen and xenon/HID bulbs, LED lights do not throw off excessive heat and will not be damaged if accidentally left on when the boat is removed from the water.

Listed are just three providers of cutting-edge fishing lights. These companies — one with a popular portable unit and two with in-hull systems — are utilizing LED technology to achieve a brighter and larger “throw” of light with minimum battery drain. Here’s a peek at what they have to offer.

Long considered the leader in portable saltwater fishing lights, Hydro Glow (877-895-4569; hydroglow.com) made its name 13 years ago with a 4-foot fluorescent-green tube light complete with terminals that attach to a battery. Company president and angler Darrell Keith says the product was born out of necessity for a light that would not only stay underwater (instead of float) but also be efficient enough to operate all night without draining its battery.

In the LED category, Hydro Glow has 1-foot-long and 2-foot-long models with 162 LEDs and 324 LEDs, respectively. These featherweight lights have an 80,000-hour life expectancy. Like their predecessors, they are submersible and have weathered pressure changes down to 50 feet.

Due out this December is a 4-foot LED model designed exclusively for swordfish and tuna. It will contain over 600 lights and be the brightest and most durable portable light on the market, says Keith. The unit is an inch in diameter, with strips of LED lights mounted on three sides of the light for a full 360-degree throw. It’s touted as drawing only 2 amps and will come in green or blue violet.

Some of the hottest surface-mount fishing lights on the market are made by Shadow-Caster (727-474-2877; shadow-caster.com). These high-intensity LED underwater lights are manufactured with 316 stainless-steel and polycarbonate housings and have a life expectancy of 40,000 hours.

What I’ve found as helpful as the lights’ performance is their relatively diminutive size, which provides a lot of latitude with where to mount them. For example, I have four pairs of model SCM-10V2 neatly arranged on the transom of my Mako 284, shooting outward for a bright and powerful throw.

Your marine performance parts professionals know that these lights were developed by Brian Rogers, an electrical and optical engineer, and Jeff Pound, a military-electronics design engineer, hence their toughness in a salt environment and when coupled with trailer boats.

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Bouncer’s Three Most Important Tips When Using Fishing Lights

1 – When fishing a portable light in water to 40 or 50 feet deep, attach a float to the light to keep it near the surface. Also set it a few feet away from the boat to keep the light from rocking with the boat, which could diminish its uniform throw of light.

2 – Fish the edges of the light, where it reaches toward the bottom, and also the perimeters of the lighted area.

3 – Attach one or two Strip-Teaser strands on a short tether to the power cord close to a portable fishing light, which will mimic baitfish flashing near the light. This will attract more baitfish and, in turn, game fish.

To Strobe or Not to Strobe?

Strobing, incidentally, is becoming more popular with fishing lights, as the pulsing and flashing has proven advantageous in attracting fish. Could it be that the illusion is perceived as the reflection of baitfish, or is it simply that constant flashing catches the attention of fish? Either way, it works.

Strobing can involve a quick, repetitive cycle, which could be perceived by game fish as frantic baitfish, or a more spaced-out cycle, which predator fish could perceive as calm schooling fish unaware of its presence.

As far as portable fish lights versus in-hull lights, that’s largely an issue of what you’re fishing for and where, how often you fish in darkness, how cool you want your boat to look and, of course, budget. Smith reports that with his Hydro Glow, he sees all the way around his boat, from transom to bow.

Based on Smith’s findings, it stands to reason that gaining a strong broadcast from in-hull lights boils down to the number of lights you can afford to install and the position of these lights.

So don’t forget these helpful tips on how to make the best decisions when buying underwater lights. Quality fishing lights do four distinct things: draw, illuminate, entertain and produce. If they don’t do these things, they might not be worth the purchase.

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