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Marine Performance Parts Supplier Talks: Trailer Techniques

Your Marine Performance Parts Analysts Know that Not All Trailer Techniques Are As Easy As They Look

Marine Performance parts-Trailer Techniques


Stainless Marine your marine performance parts specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the safest towing practices.

Your marine performance parts experts know that backing a trailer into tight places or down a launch ramp is easier than it looks, but it does take some practice. It’s best to practice in a parking lot and in a vehicle that allows you to see the trailer through the rear window. Vans, trucks and campers that have obstructed rear views require more practice and the use of side mirrors.

Watch your tongue weight:

How a trailer handles down the road depends upon tongue weight. Your performance marine professionals know that too much tongue weight will cause the rear of the trailer to sway and make the tow vehicle difficult to control.

Take care of tires:

Fishermen tend to worry about their boats and neglect their trailer tires. That’s a mistake, because if the trailer breaks down, it can ruin a fishing trip, or worse, a week’s vacation.

Keep bearings greased:

Your performance outboard parts analysts know that wheel bearings are the heart of trailers. They need to remain airtight and packed with fresh grease. Poorly greased bearings will overheat and deteriorate, creating serious problems if they fail.

Your Marine Performance Parts Professionals Help You to Exercise Caution on Those Wide Turns

Go wide on turns:

You can find more information as well as get assistance on high performance marine parts and on safe towing practices at Stainless Marine.

Your high performance marine parts professionals know that you must be careful making sharp turns or sudden moves when trailering a boat. The trailer tends to cut corners more sharply than the tow vehicle which can be dangerous when cutting corners close to curbs, other vehicles and road-side obstructions.

Be a weight watcher:

When loading the boat with gear before trailering to the lake, balance the rig with 60 percent of the cargo weight near the front. For long trips, don’t fill boat gas tanks until you get close to the lake.

Secure the trailer:

Your marine parts specialists feel that if keep the safety chains provided on most boat trailers fastened securely to the tow vehicle in case the hitch fails. Cross the chains under the trailer tongue and allow slack for turning.

Keep the lights working:

The trailer’s electrical components are subjected to a great deal of adverse conditions, so check them periodically. Just because a vehicle has the power to pull a loaded boat trailer down the road doesn’t mean it has the guts to haul it up steep reservoir launching ramps, or that the brakes are capable of holding it on a steep incline.

So don’t forget these helpful tips on the safest towing practices. 1) Watch your tongue weight;  2) keep the bearings greased;  and 3) keep the lights working.

Stainless Marine has more information on marine performance parts, high performance marine parts, performance marine parts, and on these safe towing practices.

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