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Stainless Steel Tubing Experts Recommend 12 Awesome Boating & Fishing Apps For You


Your Stainless Steel Tubing Professionals Discuss The Most Successful Apps Just For You 

Stainless Marine your stainless steel tubing dynamos would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding 12 awesome boating and fishing apps you need.

Your stainless steel tubing analysts say that if you are looking to add some new boating apps to your tablet or smartphone, look no further. 

1) Navionics Boating – GPS

Time and time again, when we speak to boaters and ask them what GPS app they’re using, and your stainless steel tubing sizes professionals will agree that Navionics Boating is the answer. Navionics is free to download.

2) NOAA SuperRes Radar HD (iOS) or RadarScope (Android)

If you’re on iOS, in our experience the best radar app is NOAA’s SuperRes Radar. It has very hi-resolution and incredible accuracy.

3) Windfinder

Your stainless steel tubing suppliers know that this app is ideal for sailors, kitesurfers, windsurfers and more, this app allows you to see the wind, waves and weather across the globe in real time.

4) Fishing Scout

The app allows you to upload photos of your latest catch, describe the conditions of how you caught it, study other locations where fish were caught, add friends, view their photos and more.

5) Swell Advantage

Swell Advantage is a social boating app that lets you see where your family and friends are out on the water, including where they are headed and their speed.

6) Boatrax

Your boat parts online experts know that Boatrax lets you keep detailed records of your boat while capturing and sharing your moments with family and friends.

You can find more information as well as get assistance on boat parts online and on 12 awesome boating and fishing apps you need at Stainless Marine.

Your Stainless Steel Specialists Keep You Up to Date and Equipped With the Right Tools

7) Trimble GPS Fish Free iOS or Android

To catch fish, first you have to find them. Your stainless steel tubing fittings dynamos know that this app pulls together all the information you need in one place—weather information, maps of fishing hotspots and underwater features, and waypoints.

8) FishBrain – Social Fishing Forecast App iOS or Android

No, it won’t help you think like a fish. FishBrain bills itself as the world’s largest community-based fishing app and lets you connect with other anglers to discover what’s biting, where in your area.

9) NOAA Buoy & Tide Data iOS or Android

Weather and tidal information is critical both for boating and fishing. This app retrieves data from NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center to keep you current on conditions so you can plan your day on the water.

10) ReelPhoto iOS or Android

Sharing fish stories is a time-honored tradition for anglers—and this app is designed for just that. It lets you connect to a social network built for fishermen where you can share photos and videos, tag your friends and follow fellow anglers.

11) IGFA Mobile IIte iOS or Android

This app from the International Game Fishing Association covers angling rules, helps you identify your catch—and perhaps most importantly—lets you know if you’ve hauled in a record setting fish.

12) Camera app

Last but certainly not least, make sure you use your camera app to document all your boating adventures this year and share it with us on Facebook and Instagram!

So don’t forget some of these amazing apps to make your boating and fishing life so much more enjoyable! Check these apps out: 1) Navionics Boating – GPS;  2) Fishing Scout;  3) NOAA Buoy & Tide Data iOS or Android;  and 4) the Camera app.

Stainless Marine has more information on stainless steel tubing, boat parts online, marine engine parts, and on 12 awesome boating and fishing apps you need.

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