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4" Exhaust Tip Straight Flange / Straight End

4″ Exhaust Tip Straight Flange / Straight End


4″ Exhaust Tip Straight Flange / Straight End

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Product Description

We make exhaust tips from 2” in diameter to 8” in diameter. Standard tips are available from 3” tube diameter to 6” tube diameter. Our most popular tips are 4” diameter. 4” is the standard size (more or less) for most of the stock gasoline powered engines, and some of the smaller diesels. Our standard tips are made from a single piece of 316 Low Carbon stainless steel tube, 14 gauge (.083”) 10 inches long. For the straight flange, straight end tip, we weld on a flange in the center, leaving 5” of polished tip out the back, and five inches inside. Most transoms are approximately 2” thick, leaving 3” to put the hose on. We also offer that tip with a 12 ͦ degree flange. That flange is made primarily for inboard boats, in order to make the tube portion of the tip horizontal (parallel with the keel).

Most stern drive applications use 90 ͦ degree flanges, which hold the tip in a position straight through (perpendicular to) the transom. Our 5” diameter tips are available with internal stainless steel flappers, called Super Flap, designed to prevent surges of water from zooming up the exhaust pipe and into your engine. The flapper is a mechanical marvel. The flap itself is one-piece stainless steel, stamped into an elliptical shape, then bumped into a shape which will accept a 1/4” solid stainless steel pivot rod which is welded in the tip. It is gravity powered. The high temperature silicone perimeter of the flap is molded on. Many of our competitors mold on a lip around the flap, but I think we are the only ones who perforate the molding area with dozens of tiny holes, which allows the silicone to “knit” together through the holes. If you never overheat the exhaust system, the silicone should stay with you for a long time.

The tips are also available with an angled end (baloney cut) at 30 ͦ degrees (45 ͦ degrees on the 3” tips), which look slick but will not accept an external, Salisbury style flapper made of Neoprene High Temperature rubber. Custom tips? The sky’s the limit. We make ‘through the side’, ‘flush flange’, fractional tube sizes, you name it. One of our most popular boat builder items is the “retro-flap”. It is available in 5”. It is made to be installed in the exhaust hose, just forward of the exhaust tip. For cruisers with long low exhaust pipes, our retro flap can keep your engines dry in big water by preventing water from entering the exhaust hose, like a check valve. It doesn’t stop 100% of the water, but it is a lot better than nothing. We stock or can custom build all your exhaust tips needs.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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