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Stainless Marine Launches New Engine Bracket Hatch Cover

Engine Bracket Hatch Cover Re-Design

Stainless Marine Inc., based in Opa Locka, Florida, has announced the launch of a new product. The engine bracket hatch covers have been made available by the company. First conceived in 1992, Jerry Schmid, owner of Stainless Marine, came up with the idea of having a hatch cover that can be easily installed and removed for access to mounting hardware within the outboard engines mounting brackets. Twenty-four years later, it has now finally been manufactured and available exclusively at Stainless Marine.

Letty Alejo, spokesperson for the company states, “Our new Stainless Marine hatch cover is well thought out, simple, well-constructed, and easy to install. It comes fully assembled, ready to use, and is completely watertight when properly installed.”

Alejo states that the Hatch Cover Black fits from 6 1/2 inch to 7 1/2 inch holes, and that the hatch covers are self-sealing and require no sealer to access the cover. They require no screws and will replace the company’s old hatch covers, with the O-ring seals on the outside of the old screw holes.

“Boat owners have been finding many additional uses for this unique product in other areas other than just the Outboard Engine Bracket access,” states Alejo. The Hatch Cover White is also now available from the company for those who prefer white.

A spokesperson for the company states that they redesigned their hatch cover to make it more beneficial to users. The self-sealing design provides a better quality of product overall, according to Alejo.

Stainless Marine has been operating in the same region in South Florida, in the same building, for more than 38 years. The company’s founder, Jerry Schmid, began the company in a single work bay during his spare time after his normal job at Eastern Airlines. He began by creating just a small line of stainless steel products. This eventually grew to a company that offers a wide range of marine products today in a 42,000 square foot building.

Those interested in learning more about the new product offered by Stainless Marine, along with the company’s complete history, can view these in their entirety on the company’s official website, where other marine and hi-performance engine products are also offered.


Contact Stainless Marine Inc.:

Letty Alejo
[email protected]
13800 NW 19th Avenue Opa Locka, Florida 33054

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